exercise, saving CO2 for Global exercise, saving CO2 for Global
Warming and
Materials & Equipment has rapidly being advanced with high technologies.
In these years, the border between normal bicycle,Electrical power assisted one and Motor Cycle has
been more Gray zone
in Terms of speed and danger.

However, many assignments still remain,
dest remedy has been not found yet to keep riders away from traffic accidents, and other
serious health situations as like heart attack so on.
So it would be eternal assignments how we should save or keep riders to be in good condition.

R&D has been started by facing on the one Bicycle racer accidental death at winding corner.
Increasing the Speed by Bicycle Weight reduction and Hightech Components & materials,
we have been focused on the Vibration absorption and Shocks,
The R&D for bicycle(Racing also), wheelchairs, motor bicycles, and airplanes (landing gear) have been
for years for finding solution just to keep riders safety and concentration with less slips and

The conventional suspension, Telescopic System has function of absorbing the vibrations and bumps by
the movement
of Up and Down w/Front Wheel and Frame and rider itself.
To keep safety view, stable handling, breaking and shifting, Rider requires the body
Control w/up and down and the precise maintenance of system and equipment parts.

And moreover, Telescopic System has been not adapted best on the road(Normal bicycle) riding for its
weight, and high cost and frequent maintenance compared to MTB use.
Considering with these situation, we has been set up our R&D goal with less weight, less maintenance,
less cost
but with keeping comfort and speed with advanced designs.

And We have found our solution in control technique Japanese Classical Martial Arts of Samurai
(Bushido) Body.
ʻ膝行(Shikko)ʼ, means shuffling, crawling on the ground, one of the important artistic method by human
body in order to use real Japanese swords on the inherited Japanese traditional martial art with the
balance of
gravity, muscle and body joints based on principles to control basic posture.

Normally, Front Fork Blade of Telescopic Suspension moves Up and Down with the shikko YouTube.
But we have tried to make(designe) front fork blade activate by back and forth as like knee joint.
By this way, We have made the shock and Vibration from the road release to
Backward slightly, stable handling shifting and stable eye Views, also reducing shocks and
vibration to Body and Bicycle Frame e.t.c